Having gone after debt settlement companies for a while now, I can tell you I see a pattern. That pattern shows that more and more of our elder population is being targeted by debt settlement companies. Just as with any other industry using the "high pressure sales pitch", debt settlement companies view the elderly as easy pickings.

Now, when you are over $10,000 in debt and have nowhere to turn for help, the offer coming from the other end of that telephone line may seem like the perfect answer.

Here's my answer: HANG UP!

First of all, if your only source of income come from federal benefits such as social security, you should know that those are protected should you be sued on a consumer debt. Why are you giving your social security benefits to a debt settlement company when you will most likely need every last dollar to make it through the month?

Second, if the debts are too much for you to manage, and you have assets that are not protected from a possible judgment, you should consult with a bankruptcy attorney right away to discuss your options.

Third, keep in mind, that most if not all of your initial payments to a debt settlement company will never go toward settling your debt, but rather towards the company (or "law firm") fees.

I can't stress it enough. Just because the debt settlement company is holding itself out as a law firm doesn't mean it's not violating the law.

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