I can't stress this enough - even if someone calls you telling you that you owe a debt, don't assume it's true. Here's another example of this ongoing scam:


A fake debt collection scam that the Federal Trade Commission is already looking into has made its way to Thomaston, and one woman who is fighting back wants others to be aware of the scam.

The woman, an employee of Upson Regional Medical Center who asked not to be identified, said she started getting calls last Monday from a number with a California area code. She said the man on the phone, speaking with a foreign accent, identified himself as being with the Department of Legal Affairs and Investigations. He told her she had taken out a payday loan, they wanted their money, and they were sending legal documentation to her work. She said they knew where she worked, her address, and her email address.

The calls began again Tuesday morning. This time when she asked what account number they had allegedly sent the loan to, the man gave her bank and bank account number. When she asked for the date of the deposit and how much, he told her she would have to call back and talk with their attorney, Alex Watson. When she called, the same man answered and identified himself as Alex Watson. He went on to threaten to have her arrested at her job.

After having checked with the police and been told there were no papers and no warrants for her arrest, she began checking the internet and found reports from others around the nation who have had the same thing happen. She said she knows it is a scam, and doesn’t want anyone to fall for it.

“I’d hate to see this happen to some older person in town who gets this call and thinks they owe this and actually give it,” she said.

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